Musical performance - concert by “Keistuoliai Theatre”

Performer: Aidas Giniotis, Ilona Balsytė, Darius Auželis

Duration: 1 h 30 min

If today there are only a few who believe that this world keeps standing on the backs of three whales, there is no strange person („keistuolis“) who has any doubts that this theatre firmly keeps on the shoulders on its own whales – Ilona Balsytė, Aidas Giniotis and Darius Auželis. Since the years of studies keeping hand in hand creators and the founders of the Keistuolių theatre meet on the stage sensitively, nostalgically and a little bit auto-ironically and especially lively for the retrospective of their own creative works, besides this, by presenting the new, never heard of before creations.

This concert is a meeting with three people who have been accompanying the whole thirty years long journey by the Keistuolių theatre to the hearts of spectators. Ilona, Aidas and Darius will remember the songs that especially rarely sound live from the repertory “The Autumn of the Long-drawn Childhood”, will awaken the nostalgia with the savour of the comic, which is perfectly remembered from “The Stolen Songs”, in this way by their performance giving meaning to their musical road walked during thirty years.


2020-11-22 17:00
1 h 30 min
8,10,12 €
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