By Nikolai Gogol, Two part comedy. Šiauliai State Drama Theater


Second Director Vaidotas Žitkus
Scenography and costume design Laura Luišaitytė
Composer Ignas Juzokas
Light design Darius Malinauskas

Cast: Sigitas Jakubauskas, Jūratė Budriūnaitė/Danguolė Petraitytė/Inga Norkutė, Monika Geštautaitė/Elžbieta Mikolajūnaitė/Lina Gečaitė, Aurimas Pintulis, Juozas Žibūda, Juozas Bindokas, Romanas Dudnikas, Josif Baliukevič, Dalius Jančiauskas, Arnas Ašmonas/Severinas Norgaila, Antanas Venckus, Saulius Eduardas Pauliukonis, Lina Bocytė, Nijolė Mirončikaitė, Vilija Paleckaitė, Rolandas Dovydaitis, Mindaugas Jurevičius, Inga Jarkova, Gintarė Ramoškaitė, Monika Šaltytė.

Premiere 2019

A series of misunderstandings reveals the plot of The Government Inspector, which is said to have been plotted by A. Pushkin, interpreted for many times on the world stage theaters. At last, led by witty improvisation master Aidas Giniotis, The Government Inspector has finaly reached Šiauliai.
The Government Inspector story takes us to the 19th century small province town, where the news are spread that the Government Inspector is coming for a visit as incognito. In the town, which is ruled by a handful of elect with the Gorodnich in the front lines, there is a huge stir.
The young boy, Chlestakov, who accidentally falls into the town are mistaken by the officials as the Government Inspector. This cheerful young man sincerely admires love that is shown to him and relentlessly enjoys the attention. And when the "Government Inspector Question" seemed to be "successfully" solved, another "really unpleasant message" reaches the satisfied citizens...
As in the run of the 21st century, we imagine that we are can already foresee the manipulator games and possible corruption schemes. But are we sure? Or have we just learned not to notice them?

Aidas Giniotis
2019-11-20 18:00
2 hours 50 minutes